Lumiere Daniel Boulud Bistro Opening and Shut Up and Shoot Movie Launch

When you make a movie with the likes of Gary Busey, Tom Sizemore and Daniel Baldwin, it’s definitely time to celebrate. That’s what Vancouver’s talented Silvio Pollio did at the DVD launch of his “Shut Up and Shoot” movie. Pollio and several other cast members, including Joe Cortese, toasted the occasion at the Can-Am Importique studios in Burnaby which was the perfect setting since owner Paul Pincott is known for warehousing one of the city’s biggest collections of movie set paraphernalia. Also the culinary stars were out last week as David and Manjy Sidoo relaunched the newest version of their Lumiere restaurant. Located in Kitsilano, the new view in dining has come courtesy of New York living legend Daniel Boulud who also lends his name to the adjoining DB Bistro (formerly known as Feenie’s).

lumiere_opening-6530 Lumiere and DB Bistro co-owner Manjy Sidoo sparkles in a stunning Oscar de La Renta silver gown.
lumiere_opening-6533 Lumiere party organizer Shalina Kajani, centre, welcomes VIPs like W Network’s Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic – hosts of The Shopping Bags.
lumiere_opening-6538 He’s the man behind the name – New York chef Daniel Boulud, centre, poses with former Canucks owner Arthur Griffiths and wife Janella.
lumiere_opening-6543 Lumiere co-owner David Sidoo, a former BC Lion turned investor/businessman, toasts the occasion with wine writer Bruce Stephens.
lumiere_opening-6546 Film maker and producer James Upton and his lovely lady attend the Lumiere and DB Bistro opening.
lumiere_opening-6547 Lululemon founder Chip Wilson and wife Shannon dropped by Lumiere to give their best.
shutup_and_shoot_movie0007 Serving up smiles at the Shut Up and Shoot movie launch are Karmel Franklin, left, and Ali Layton.
shutup_and_shoot_movie0008 Graham Morley, who is also known as DJ Refine, shares a seat on the Shut Up and Shoot set with Sugar and Spice promoter Carlie Klausen.
shutup_and_shoot_movie0009 After all his hard work, Shut Up and Shoot writer/director/producer and star Silvio Pollio has good reason to celebrate this night.
shutup_and_shoot_movie0010 You know him from 99.3 The Fox, but Darren “Danger” Grieve, seen here with girlfriend Shannon Murphy, has now made the jump to the big screen in Shut Up and Shoot.

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