Zen Sushi Oceanwise in West Vancouver

Sushi is one of my favourites. But when you savour that melt-in-your-mouth sashimi –  it’s sometimes easy to forget about the impact it has on today’s aquaculture. So now, thanks to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Conservation Program, we can all learn to make smarter choices. West Vancouver’s Zen Sushi is leading the way by becoming Metro Vancouver’s first Ocean Wise sushi restaurant. During a special event last week, Aquarium reps joined chef Nobu and staff to feature hand made specialities and to launch the new SeaChoice Sustainable Sushi Guide. <www.seachoice.org> Congrats to all.



Zen Sushi in West Vancouver
Zen Sushi in West Vancouver




01 – Ocean Wise program manager Mike McDermid, left, joins David Suzuki Foundation director Jay Ritchin in launching the new SeaChoice Sustainable Sushi Guide.

02 – David Suzuki communications gal Sutton Eaves, left, and Vancouver Aquarium PR man Kent Hurl are thrilled to see more and more restaurants join the Ocean Wise program.

03 – Keith Kamizato, left, Jun Park, Alex Son and Charlie Cho are the top chef’s behind Zen’s newest sustainable creations.

04 – Zen’s Nina Meredith and sushi superman Nobu Ochi really are offering food that’s too good to be true. 

05 – Hail to the fishies. San Francisco author Casson Trenor is on hand to speak about his newest book – Sustainable Sushi.

06 – David Suzuki’s Lana Gunnlaugson, left, Ocean Wise’s Kelly Johnson and SeaChoice’s Taina Uitto sample from the new menu.



April 23, 2009 (published April 30, 2009)



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