North Shore Outlook 10 Year Anniversary

10-year_groupYou know how they say time flies when you’re having fun? Well, trust me when I say that it’s true. The last decade has flown by at the speed of light and in looking back, I realize just how wonderful, yet fleeting, life can be. In the last seven years that I have had the privilege of writing for The Outlook, I estimate that I have taken 11,653 photos of close to 34,959 faces at more than 3,640 local events. To this day, I never forget a smile (even though I sometimes forget the name – wink). So here’s to you – the people of my community, my neighbours and my new found friends. It is an honour to be here to share in all your special memories. I thank you all for your heart-warming smiles and look forward to ten years more – at least.


01 – Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and Neil Young played to a sell-out crowd of 9,000 at Ambleside Park in Summer 2009 as the Lee Family, Terry McBride and the Sarah McLachlan Foundation made history with a charity concert that attracted worldwide attention.

02 – The first ever sanctioned amateur boxing match in West Vancouver was held in March 2003 when the A4K (Athletics for Kids) held their first annual black-tie gala at Hollyburn Country Club – an event that is still going strong.

03 – It wasn’t how they planned to celebrate their 40th anniversary, but members of the North Shore Rescue team had to rescue their own in 2004 as a trek up Yukon’s Mount Logan went terribly wrong leaving Erik Bjarnason, Alex Snigurowicz and Don Jardine fending for their lives. From left: team members Barry Mason, Erik Bjarnason, Linda Bily and Don Jardin.

04 – Organizers Kenn Hamlin (left), and David Gouge (right) flank architect and famous ‘supermodeller’ Arthur Erickson at one of the legendary West Vancouver Eppich houses during the AIDS Memorial fundraiser in September 2005. Erickson passed away May 2009.

05 – The 2010 Winter Olympics are almost here, and we have Olympic bid committee member, silver medalist and North Shore gal Charmaine Crooks, left, to thank for it. Pictured here in November 2006 with fellow Olympian and gold medalist Catriona LeMay Doan at the Gold Medal Plates event, she will finally see her life’s work come to fruition next year.

06 – The Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts opened its doors, unofficially, in November 2004 with a gala performance of “The Prince of Africa”, performed by the African Children’s Choir, and seen here with sponsor Suzanne Latta. Sadly, Kay Meek herself passed away later that same weekend.

07 –  Park Royal Shopping Centre’s new “Village” debuted in September 2004 with a series of grand openings, but none grander than the Home Depot’s “Inspire to Dream” gala night. The $300 per person fundraiser honoured the work of athlete Rick Hansen, seen here with wife Amanda, and featured a private intimate concert with recording artist Jann Arden.

08 – One of Canada’s most renowned Impressionist painters, Daniel Izzard, celebrated his 80th birthday in May 2003. Seen here with a beautiful portrait of granddaughter Carissa Davis, the event was a veritable who’s who of North Shore dignitaries. Izzard died in June 2007.

09 – NBA superstar Steve Nash and various celebrities were seen at the multi-million dollar West Vancouver home of Kyle and Janelle Washington in July 2007 at the “Carats” charity fundraiser and poker game where, for $10,000 per couple, guests got to hobnob with Nash and his famous friends. From left: Producer/composer David Foster (left) Steve Nash and his mom.

10 – There were tears, cheers and beers as the staff of the old Park Royal Hotel bid a bittersweet goodbye to their old digs in September 2004 to make way for a new development. Built in 1957 by West Vancouver’s late Frank Bernard, the memories and stories about her good old days will live on forever.

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By Catherine Barr – November 11, 2009

Published in print by the North Shore Outlook on November 19, 2009

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