Amy Winehouse – Breasts, Drugs and a Rockin’ Cold

Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” days may not be over yet.

As reported by Splash News, the British based, Grammy award winning singer was temporarily hospitalized last Sunday night after taking an over-the-counter cold medication – a medication which apparently didn’t mix well with prescription drugs she was already taking for her drug and alcohol recovery program.

The reaction between the cold meds and recovery medication sent the singer back to The London Clinic – a place she knows well having just receive a breast enhancement operation there recently.

The UK Mirror reported. “A doctor came to the house and advised her to go to the hospital to make sure she was all right. She was due to stay the night.”

One can only hope that now, since she has found her way to the doctor to do her boobs, can she can find a dentist to fix those God awful teeth? Watch out for the novocaine Amy, and please stay off that laughing gas.

Amy Winehouse reportedly spent a night in hospital after a medication side effect. Photo Credit: Splash News

Rehab obviously hasn’t been easy and the star appears to be having problems focusing. Her website reports no new albums on the horizon and seems to have morphed into a alias feeder site for Dionne Bromfield, Amy’s goddaughter.

Winehouse, who signed Bromfield to her record label earlier this year, has been seen chumming around town with the junior crooner. The two sang a duet of sorts and appeared on BBC1 TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing” (which is the original “Dancing With the Stars” show here in North America) in October of this year.

Bromfield’s recent release includes a cover of the Shirelles song “Mama Said [there’d be days like this]” which makes me wonder who she’s been taking advice from. Ironically, let’s hope it’s not godmother Amy Winehouse.

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