Martin Sheen, Sex and the City 2, West Coast Fishing Club

martin_sheen01.jpgA girls’ right to shoes is now a mantra thanks to the iconic tv-series-turned-chick-flick “Sex and the City 2”. And what better way to celebrate the movie’s debut than with a party in the shoe department of Holt Renfrew. Socialite Christie King and her Women United in Philanthropy group helped raised funds for the United Way this week as the well-heeled turned out in support. Next up, the Turning Point Society’s Gala turned up the glam with a special VIP cocktail pre-party featuring famous A-List actor Martin Sheen who was happy to donate his time. Lastly, the West Coast Fishing Club’s WCFC Culinary Series 2010 was held at the Vancouver Aquarium providing guests with an up-close introduction to the fine cuisine one can expect from this year’s culinary adventure trips to Langara Island.


01 – Sipping champagne with rose petals in the shoe department of Holt’s, West Vancouver’s Janelle Washington came out in support at the Sex and the City party.

02 – Pretty in pink, left, event organizer Christie King and her Women United in Philanthropy group put on a great Sex and the City party at the Holt Renfrew.

03 – Eleu Kristmas, left, Shaw TV’s Fiona Forbes and model/businesswoman Masiah Vaughn check out the party pumps at the Holt Renfrew Sex and the City party.

04 – It’s a happy belated 50th Birthday for West Vancouver’s Craig Turner as he meets actor Martin Sheen during a VIP pre-party cocktail reception at the Turning Point gala.

05 – WCFC 2010 chef Dino Renaerts has just moved his family to the North Shore and has given up his post at Diva at the Met to taken over at West Van’s Fraiche and newly re-opened Beachside Forno restaurants.

06 – Joining in at the Martin Sheen Turning Point Gala reception is Global TV’s Randene Neill, left, board member James B. Myers and executive direction Branda Plant.

07 – Dr. John Nightingale, President of the Vancouver Aquarium, and West Van’s Margot Paris help host the West Coast Fishing Club’s WCFC Culinary Series 2010.

08 – Chef David Hawksworth, formerly of West Restaurant, is serving it up at the WCFC 2010 event in anticipation of his November 2010 opening of his new Hawksworth restaurant in the newly developed Hotel Georgia / Residences on Georgia.

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By Catherine Barr – May 28, 2010

As seen in print in the North Shore Outlook newspaper on June 3, 2010

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