What’s Really Driving U.S. Presidential Candidates?

As U.S. election fever grows, so does the need to know more and more about the candidates. Each boasts a long list of the Yankee-Doodle Dandiest of qualities, but what is the real driving force behind the seats of power.

McCain or Obama - What drives them?
McCain or Obama – What drives them?

Forbes Auto seems to have the most accurate traffic report to date stating that Barack Obama bought his Ford Escape Hybrid last summer after selling his Chrysler 300C. Good news since he, more than the others, seems to praise those who go green. 

On the other side, John McCain is reported to be so hot for the Cadillac CTS that he actually owns two of them – a 2004 and a 2007. So much for the Ford Model-T jokes – the dude actually sounds kinda hip for his age.

McCain’s taste aside, it’s certainly a far cry from that of his predecessors, the Family Bush. Seems both George “Dub-ya” and his Pa prefer to ramble around the ranch in Ford F-250 pick-up trucks. Gotta wonder if they come equipped with a “Honk if you’re Horny” bumper sticker.

So who’s following the leaders – well certainly not their running mates.

Former Miss Wasilla and Republican Alaska hockey/hunting mom Sarah Palin isn’t giving up her pit bull

Sarah Palin - Alaska Car Mom
Sarah Palin – Alaska Car Mom

image anytime soon as she boots about the tundra in an Alaskan Government supplied Chevy Suburban. For those softer moments, she opts for a Volkswagen Jetta diesel and a bit of lipstick in fire engine red.

As for Barack Obama’s VP, Joe Biden, he’s shaping up to be a real American classic. His garage is home to a 1967 Corvette which was apparently a wedding gift from his father when he married his first wife, Neilia, back in (of course) 1967. It’s not fuel efficient, but it does fuel the fire of the imagination. So far, he’s got my vote.

Still no one seems to be able to measure up to the Clintons. Former President Bill Clinton, who has been known to horse around just a little, fittingly owns a vintage 1960s-era Mustang. Hillary Clinton however prefers that someone else do the driving for her, so she reportedly gets driven around town in a Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Having a driver makes it easier for her to wave to adoring fans as they, and her bid to be the first American woman president, go whizzing by. Ah – politics.

– as published by Canadian Auto Press on September 10, 2008 – written by Catherine Barr

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