Hollyburn Country Club West Vancouver Hosts Ambleside Now New Development Proposal Reception

west_van_girls.jpgThe revitalization of Ambleside, an often talked about project by those in West Vancouver, looks like it now finally may see the light of day. In a $50 per head special reception held at Hollyburn Country Club, Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones revealed the plans for what will become the new AmblesideNow 2012 initiative – all in conjunction with the District’s 100 year celebrations. Along the 1300 block Marine, plans include a walk-through atrium, new four-storey mixed use buildings with commercial space below and housing apartment/condos above, new storefronts, new waterfront amenities and retention of the arts corridor and parks along the beach. West Vancouver municipality will continue to acquire the beachfront properties along Argyle for public use. The West Van Police station would be moved up by municipal hall.


01 – West Vancouver councillors Shannon Walker and Michael Lewis are among the elected officials on hand to see the new plans unveiled to guests.

02 – Celebrating his business’s 80th year, Danny Sewell, left, of Horseshoe Bay’s Sewell’s Marina, chats with former West Vancouver Mayor Ron Wood.

03 – West Vancouver MP John Weston, left, and guest John Almond enjoy some canapes and conversation.

04 – Stephanie Kiernan, left, who is the Mayor’s executive assistant, chats to West Van realtor Stephanie LaPorta about her upcoming expedition climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Care Canada. Stay tuned for more here.

05 – Peter Gaskill, of Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities, talks to Susanna Bell-Irving Gray, chair of West Vancouver’s Kay Meek Centre, about the new property planned for the old Wetmore site at 2200 Marine.

06 – Chiropractor Dr. Bob Hafizi, left, gets things straightened out with West Van Chamber director Luis Sopena as the presentation begins.

07 – West Van Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, left, West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce president Gary Mussatto and West Van Chamber executive director Leagh Gabriel greet guests as they arrive.

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By Catherine Barr – January 26, 2011

Also as seen in print in the North Shore Outlook Newspaper on Feb 3, 2011

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