Vega Club 23rd Annual Picnic North Vancouver

Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned show-and-shine car event. And while car owners everywhere pull out the Turtle Wax to spit polish their collector chrome, a small select group of enthusiasts gathered in North Vancouver to toast one of the rarer breeds of automobiles. The Lower Mainland Vega Club got a perfect sunny day for their 23rd Annual Vega Club Picnic event at Waterfront Park. And as they popped their hoods and fired up the grill, it was only a matter of moments before classic car lovers started to appear with their cameras to take a photo with some of the sexy 70s models from a day gone by.

01 – Posing next to their black ’73 Astra are Norm and Deb Ferreira.

02 – Originally from North Vancouver, Darren Trim and his red hot ’76 Vega have fond memories of driving through the hood.

03 – No need to be blue when you have a car this cool! Duncan Menzies attracts a lot of smiles with his ’73 Vega.

04 – Lower Mainland Vega Club president Trevor Mueckel ordered up a perfect day for the car show event complete with sunshine and good friends.

05 – Thirty odd years ago, North Vancouver’s Dave McLean had some help from fellow club member Duncan Menzies to build his classic ’75 Vega.

06 – Owners of a ’77 Vega and an ’76 Astra respectively, club members Steven Menzies, left, and Ed Neville get a perfect day to showcase their cars.

By Catherine Barr – August 12, 2012

Also as seen in the North Shore Outlook newspaper (Black Press)

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