Regency Lexus Luxury Gala Opening

Vancouver’s Ahamed family is well known for their generosity and philanthropy with many charity events in Vancouver. They are also well known for their Regency automobile empire which includes brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Infiniti, Nissan and Lexus. Last week, at the opening of their new Regency Lexus flagship store on Burrard, the family welcomed dignitaries, celebs and VIP guests to share in the special event. Black tie butlers greeted guests as everyone was handed a special passport card to tour the new facilities. Among them, the new “butler” car service. There was also a Yamaha piano lounge and special ribbon cutting ceremony. The most touching moment of the night came when the family made a heartfelt donation to BC Children’s Hospital for $20,000. Congrats everyone!

Regency lexus gala opening

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01 – Brothers Aleem and Izzam Ahamed cuddle up to mom Yasmin after giving out the $20,000 cheque to BC Children’s Hospital.

02 – Black tie butler service with a smile. Handsome actors Donald Heng, left, and Taylor St Pierre play the part perfectly.

03 – Lexus staff members Chris Tse and Susan Sydor help guests tour the new luxury Lexus facilities.

04 – He’s the most debonair and dashing rapper I’ve ever met. Prevail, (aka Kiley Hendriks) of Swollen Members fame, poses with the beautiful Keilani Jung.

05 – Larry Hutchinson, left, VP of Sales Lexus Canada, congratulates Regency owner Amir Ahamed on the new luxury Lexus location.

06 – The Ahamed family makes a generous donation to the BC Children’s Hospital to mark the opening of their new luxury Lexus dealership.

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By Catherine Barr – April 24, 2014

Also as seen in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper

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