Inherent Vice Starring Joaquin Phoenix

Last night it was the exclusive Warner Brothers premiere of Inherent Vice in Vancouver.

It was a fun hippy-trippy ride with excellent acting. Look to Joaquin Phoenix to get an Oscar nod here. Josh Brolin was also excellent coming close to stealing several scenes (pancakes!).

If you liked The Big Lebowski, you’ll like this.

It’s a little slow in places, a little long, and a little convoluted (I still can’t quite figure out Owen Wilson’s character) – and the characters smoke so much pot you come away high just from watching it. There is also some Tarantino-esque dialogue that reminds you of Pulp Fiction, but it doesn’t get too bogged down here (thankfully) trying to mimic this.

It does have some real moments of brilliance – and has lots of hilarious dark comedy, classic lines and hippy era poetry all steeped in rich 70s kitsch.┬áThe cinematography also works and I truly felt drawn into each scene.

I don’t know whether it was the large screen and/or high definition cameras we’re all using now, but I liked how the camera people made no apologies for showing everybody’s less-than-perfect complexions. There was no mistaking it.

Lots of close ups means you couldn’t ignore the false eyelashes that were everywhere! For me, the contrast between their “natural-ness” and “overdone-ness” (and over-indulgence) is a big part of the “what’s real and what isn’t” scenario. And despite the already trendy 70s feel that seems to be coming back into style – look to this movie to solidify the sales of extra big false eyelashes and pale nude lipstick on women.

Worth the price of admission – yes!

Thank you Warner Brothers for a great night and to The Lazy Gourmet for the fun reception (truffle popcorn, wine, canapes). Also, thank you to SFU for letting us use your fabulous new theatre. Wow!

Opens tomorrow (Friday) in Vancouver.

Check out the trailer:

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