Go Canada Go Rally for London 2012 Olympics

Olympic fever has returned! But this time, instead of cheering our athletes on from our own backyard, we’ll have to shout a little louder to make ourselves heard all the way across the Atlantic. That was the sentiment last week as West Vancouver’s Park Royal Shopping Centre held a special “Go Canada Go” pep rally and parade in celebration of the start of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Drummers assembled in south side village to start the march which then proceeded across to the north mall at which time the public was treated to an Olympic summer fashion show and treats all in the name of cheering for the home team. And while we may have traded in our red mittens for red sunglasses, it’s easy to remember just how proud we feel every time we see that red maple leaf. O Canada!



01 – It’s a great place to catch up on all the events! Cheering on our team from the fabulous lounge at the Cactus Club are servers Kyra Crookbain, left, Nicole Wei and Roxanna Rastan.

02 – Drum leader Paul Bray warms up his rhythm before the big pep rally starts.

03 – Paul Koehler, left, Sandy Dow and Kevin Murray are all members of the “Sambata” drum team. This night they hit the beat for all of our Team Canada athletes.

04 – Park Royal’s Sara Park helps hand out Canada flags in preparation for the Go Canada Go pep rally and parade.

05 – The girls at West Vancouver’s Tap House are cheering for Canada all the way. But this night they’re also helping raise money for the Dixon Transition Society as part of their Texas Tea fundraiser. From left: Jamie Pimlott, Rebeca Wheeler and Paige Taylor.

06 – It’s a Texas Tea double celebration this night for Tap House men Brian Farnan, left, Colin Denton and Joel Chambers who are not only getting ready for all the Olympic action, but are also helping out the Dixon Transition Society with their outdoor party.

By Catherine Barr – Jul 26, 2012

Also as seen in print in the North Shore Outlook newspaper on Aug 2, 2012

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